President's Message

I got the idea of Pagecoop more than one year ago while I was struggling to find a way to communicate with my different groups of friends and family in a private and independent media.

There were no online services that could fully respond to what I was looking for. The emails were not really social networking. My parents and some friends were not on Facebook and I found the Facebook Group feature was not so easy to control and use. I also wanted a place that I could customize (set up a background image, choose a different profile for each group...) and where I can express my different social identities without mixing them up online. I also wanted a service that will be very respectful of my privacy and will not sell my personal identified data.

So I decided to create a new website. Don't we say : "the biggest failure is to fail to try”? I had to find the name first. "Pagecoop" comes from "Page Co-operation" because Pagecoop is about creating group pages where the group members co-operate to create their own page together.

Sometimes a group expression reflects the worse side of the human behavior (look at hooligans or extremists who are more dangerous when they are together than alone) and sometimes to be in a group restrain your individual ability to think by yourself (like a flock of sheep).

But on the other side a group could also be a beautiful thing especially when formed with people you like, trust or have a common passion/interest with. And these groups bring a brighter side of humanity: friendship, love, attention, invention, intellectual stimulation, entertainment and so on. And Pagecoop wants to promote this bright side.

I hope you will enjoy the Pagecoop experience and will make the better of it.

Pagecoop is a young website and may have some features that are not quiet optimized yet. Do not hesitate to send your feedback at We are in the constant process to improve our services and imagine new features that will make the website better.

Thank you.

Antonin Coantic
President of Pagecoop Corporation.