Our Values

Pagecoop which means “ Page Co-operation” provides a space where people can cooperate and communicate. We wish this space will be used for the best and why not will contribute to create a more enjoyable and better world online and offline.

Pagecoop puts a great emphasis on the user privacy: see our Privacy Policy for more details.

At Pagecoop we also are dedicated to provide a great user experience. We tried to build a clear and easy user interface as well as to put the user in control.

Pagecoop is grateful to its users. Your trust is very important to us. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve the service.

Pagecoop also believes that cultural diversity (such as different form of music, art and languages…) is a treasure for humanity that we should celebrate and promote. Pagecoop is also interested about actions taken to protect the earth biodiversity. To learn more about Pagecoop’s actions towards the promotion and protection of Cultural Diversities and Biodiversity please visit the website at www.pagecoop.org