Information and Prevention Program

This program has been established by Pagecoop to promote information towards parents and kids about how to prevent risks on the internet.

We hope that this information on our website will contribute to help users to better protect their privacy and avoid inappropriate or harmful behaviors.

Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using Pagecoop. If we learn that we have collected information from a user under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.  We ask that you contact us at if you believe that we have collected information from a user under age 13.  

Users under the age of 18 years old are prohibited to make a purchase (pay for the upgrade version) on

Some advices for the parents:

  1. Communicate with your children and stay informed about their use of the internet in general and about how they use Pagecoop in particular
  2. Explain them the dangers of the internet
  3. Explain them that they should also respect a code of conduct while they are on the internet (they should not being involved in Cyberbullying for exemple)
  4. Provide them with some simple advice like : “don’t be in touch with a stranger online” or “know the person you communicate with on the internet”
  5. Tell them to protect their privacy online like to avoid sharing their telephone number or address.
  6. Ask them to report to you if they think something is wrong or if they have a problem.

Some advices for the kids:

  1. Protect your Privacy. For example don’t share your personal information online like your telephone number or address. Also never accept an invitation from a stranger. Do not communicate with a stranger.
  2. Have the correct behavior:
  1. Don’t be involved in Cyber bullying (sending or sharing an embarrassing picture of someone is Cyber bullying for example).
  2. Don’t share illegal content (like pirate files)
  3. Stay away from pornographic or violent content
  1. Communicate with your parents or someone you can trust about how you use the internet and with who you communicate on the internet. Report to them if you feel something is wrong or if you or one of your friends has a problem.

Some links of websites that we think can be helpful:

Commonsense Website : “At Common Sense Media, we believe in media sanity, not censorship. And since we can't always cover our kids' eyes, we have to teach them how to see.”

Last Update : 1st June 2011