1. About Pagecoop

What is Pagecoop?

Pagecoop is a social media website that enables you to create private Groups and fully express your different social identities online. Pagecoop can be used in many ways: you can create different Groups to interact with your family, friends, coworkers, association affiliates, club members…or with multiple subdivisions of these … and also to organize online your social events: like a party, a special ceremony, a wedding, a business meeting or a symposium and much more!  

What does Pagecoop means?

Pagecoop means: Page co-operation. The members of a Group co-operate in a private space (a Group Page) where they can share information across the Group.

How is Pagecoop different from other social media websites?

Pagecoop is first & foremost centered on the Group rather than on the individual. Instead of having hundreds of friends in a single network, your network will be constituted of different discreet and private Groups.
Thus, the each Group within your network is separate from the other Groups in your network. What happens in any one Group stays in that Group.
You can also create and show different profiles in each of your Groups (for example, using a different profile picture for each of your Groups).
We do not and will not sell your personal identifying information to third parties (see our Privacy Policy for more information).
The upgrade version of Pagecoop offers the option to exchange big files within a Group.

How does Pagecoop work?

There are two ways to start using Pagecoop.

You can either create yourself your first Group Page or be invited to join an existing Group Page.

To create your first Group Page go to the front page of : www.pagecoop.com

Is Pagecoop free?

Yes, Pagecoop’s general use is free. The user can create an unlimited number of Groups Pages and invite an unlimited number of Guests inside a Group Page. The number of picture uploads per Group for the free version is limited to 200 pictures.
There is also an optional upgraded paying version of Pagecoop which provides extended services to the user.

What does the upgrade version offer?

For $4.99/month the user can choose to upgrade any one of his/her Groups Page. It is per Group Page. So if you want to upgrade two Group Pages it will cost you $9.98/month. The upgrade version offers a 2GB space for file sharing within a Group Page (upload and download), and increases the maximum numbers of pictures that can uploaded in the Group Page from 200 to 2000 pictures. . When an Group Administrator cancels the upgrade version subscription for any one Group, the ability to share the larger files within that Group is discontinued on the first of the month following the subscription’s cancellation , but the picture upload limit for any such Group remains at 2000 pictures indefinitely, even after the cancellation of that Group’s subscription. Although the upgrade subscription can be cancelled at any time, there is no refund for any payments already made.

2. Pagecoop account

How do I create an account?

There are two ways to register for Pagecoop. You can create an account by going to www.pagecoop.com and following the process of creating a new Group & its associated Page. Once the information to create a Group’s Page is entered and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are accepted, Pagecoop sends a confirmation/verification email to the Group’s Administrator to validate his/her account. Once validated, you can then invite Guests to your Group Page and start using Pagecoop.
You can also create your Pagecoop account by receiving an invitation to join a Group and accepting the invitation and Pagecoop’s terms of Use and its Privacy Policy.  Once you have a Pagecoop account, you can create your own Groups within your account, as the Administrator/user for those Groups you’ve created.

Is it possible to change of login (email address) to access Pagecoop?

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to change the email login to access Pagecoop. But we are thinking of adding that possibility the future. In the meantime, we advise you to ensure that you use the most appropriate email address (in general the personal email address) of the person you invite when you send out an invitation.

Do you share my personal data outside Pagecoop?

We do not sell any of your Personal Identifying Information. See our Privacy Policy for details.

What happens if I close my Pagecoop account?

If you choose to leave Pagecoop (by going to my account/delete my account) you will permanently lose all the data on your Pagecoop account.  When deleting your account we also erase all your personal data from our data base within 30 days except your personal information necessary to protect our legal interests or document compliance with regulatory requirements and information for transaction record keeping purpose.

3. Pagecoop Groups

What is a Group?

A Group is a private space where the Group’s members can share information.

How do I create a Group?

You can create a Group by clicking on the button “Create a Group” located on the vertical bar on the left side of the Group Page.

How many Groups can I have?

There is no limit to the number of Groups you can create or participate in.

Can I leave a Group?

Yes. You can leave a Group at any time. Caution: when leaving a Group Page all the data and information that you have uploaded in the Group Page will be deleted and lost. If you are the Group Administrator we strongly advise you to transmit your Administrator’s power to another Group member before leaving the Group.

Who can see what happens in any one Group?

Only the Group members can see what happen in any one Group.  Group members can only see what happens in any Group to which they belong.

Can people from one Group see what happen in other Groups?


How do I invite other members?

You can only invite others to join a Group if you are the Group’s Administrator. A Group’s Administrator can easily invite a new Guest to become a member of a particular Group by clicking on the “invite” button, entering the Guest’s email address and sending a short invitation message. We recommend that you be sure to use the most appropriate email address (generally the personal email address) for the person you invite when you send your invitation, because Pagecoop does not yet have the capability of changing the login email for Group members to access Pagecoop.

Can I personalize my Page?

Yes, but this ability is limited to a Group’s Administrator. A Group’s Administrator can change the logo and the background image of any Group’s Page for which he/she is the Administrator.

How do I change the background image?

The Administrator can change the background image of any Group as well as the Group logo by going into “Edit Page” and selecting the pictures you want to upload. If you are not the Administrator you can ask the Administrator to share the Administrator’s power or ask the Administrator to do it.

Can I delete a Group Page?

Only the Administrator(s) can delete a Group Page (see the section “Edit Group”).

What happens if an Administrator deletes a Group Page?

If you delete a Group Page, the Group Page will disappear and all the Group Page data will be lost. The Group Page will also disappear for the other Group Members. So we advise you to transfer your administrator power and then leave the group rather than deleting the Group Page.

4. Administrator

What is an Administrator?

By default, the Group Administrator is the person who created the Group. The Group Administrator can do several actions a “regular” member cannot do such as:

  1. invite a new Guest
  2. personalize the Group Page (set background and Group logo)
  3. create a Folio
  4. remove a member from the Group

Can an Administrator share or transmit the Administrator’s powers?

Yes (if you are the Administrator of course). You can do that by going to Members “View All” and set-up the option to make other Group members Administrator.

Can a single Group have several Administrators?


How does the Administrator transmit it’s Administration powers to another Group member?

You can do that by going to “Members” “View All” in the Group Page and set-up the option to make other Group members Administrator.

5. Posts

What is a Post?

A Post is message that can contain some text, some images or a link to a YouTube video. A Post can also be commented and rated. The person who wrote the Post can also re-post the same Post to different Groups.

How I do write a Post?

In a Group page, under Post, just write your text in the blank space just below the horizontal menu and click on the + sign to publish the Post.

How do I upload pictures?

Just below the white space where you write your message click on “How do I add a picture” and then click on the button “here” and select the pictures that you want to upload. You can select multiples pictures at a time. The size of the pictures will be automatically reduced to be uploaded on the internet

How do I link a video?

Currently only the YouTube video can be read in Pagecoop. To include a YouTube video copy the url of the video and paste it into the white space where you normally write your message. A small icon YouTube will appear. Then click on + to publish.

How do I rate a Post?

You can rate a Post by clicking on the small yellow star near the message. You can give a grade between 1 and 5 stars (5 stars is the best grade).  Rating a Post will report to that Group, your opinion on the grade of that Post.

What are “Best Posts”?

Each Post can be given a grade/rating of between 1 and five stars. Then all the grades given by the different Group members for that Group are averaged and the Posts with the highest average(s) are reported in the section “Best Posts”.

Can I delete a Post?

Only the author of a Post can delete a Post.

How do I write a comment?

You can write a Post comment by clicking on the small blue bubble attached to the Post about which you want to comment.

What is re-posting?

The re-post feature (two small black arrows) enables the author of a Post (and only the author of the Post) to re-post the same Post to other Groups.  It is possible to select the Group or Groups to which a Post should be reposted. This feature saves time if you have to publish the same message to different Groups.

How many pictures can be uploaded per Group Page?

For the free version of Pagecoop, 200 pictures can be uploaded within any one Group. If a Group has been upgraded (one time is enough - no need to keep the monthly subscription active for that Group) the limit becomes 2000 pictures.  See section 1., “What does the upgrade version offer?”

How can I extend the number of pictures that can be uploaded in a Group Page?

You can extend the number of pictures that can be uploaded in any one Group from 200 to 2000 images, by subscribing (at least for one month) to the Upgrade version of Pagecoop.

Why is there a limit to the number of pictures permitted for picture upload?

Pagecoop incurs an expense to store pictures online and our advertisement today are not yet sufficient to support that cost.

6. Profile info

How do I update my profile info?

It is very easy to edit and control what information you want to display in your profile. To edit your profile in any one Group: go to the Group Page and then click on “Edit profile” located on the left (in the vertical menu). You can set up a different profile for each of your Groups.

How do my Group profiles work in relation with my Account profile info?

Your personal information present in your Account profile will automatically fill the basic information about you in your profile within a Group when you create a new Group. You can of course edit this information in the primary Account profile, or in an individual Group’s profile at any time.

What are the privacy settings?

The privacy settings enable you to show or hide your profile information within a Group’s Page.

How do I update elements of my profile info in all of my Groups simultaneously?

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to update all your existing Group Profiles simultaneously. But we intend to include this feature in the future as part of our constant effort to improve the Site.

7. Folios

What is a Folio?

A Folio is a Sheet configurable by a Group’s Administrator that can help to communicate information to the Group members. For example if you created a Group for a party then you can create a Folio to provide practical information such as the address and a map of where the party takes place. If it is for a wedding you could also, for example, include a picture of the fiancées, a link to the wedding location website, or any other relevant information.

How do I create a Folio?

Only the Administrator can create a Folio. A Folio is created by entering a title for the Folio and some text. The Folios read HTML so you can write or paste an entire code of HTML to fully customize your Folio.

Do Folios support Javascript?


8. Calendar

What is a Calendar?

A Calendar is a shared space where the Group members can enter their events.

How does it work?

Click on “create an event” and enter the event start and end time as well as the purpose of the event. Then your event will be reported in the Group Calendar as well as in “My Events” located in your Home Page.

What is “My Events”?

“My events” (located on your Home page) is the compilation of all the future events that are taking place in your different Groups.

9. Upgrade Version

What is the Upgrade version?

The Upgrade version offers extended services for a Group Page.

What extra services are provided with the Upgrade version?

For $4.99/month the user can choose to upgrade any particular Group. The upgrade version offers a 2GB space for file sharing within a Group (upload and download). The paying upgrade version also extends the number of pictures that is possible to upload within a Group from 200 pictures up to 2000 pictures. It is possible to cancel the subscription at any time but there is no refund for any payments already made. When the upgrade version subscription is cancelled, the ability to share files is removed as of the first of the month following the date the subscription is cancelled. Note that the picture upload limit for that Group will remain at 2000 pictures, indefinitely, even after that Group’s subscription is cancelled.